Directory Of Microbicides For The Protection Of Materials

Directory of Microbicides for the Protection of Materials PDF
Author: Wilfried Paulus
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402028172
Size: 49.96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Law
Languages : en
Pages : 787
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This two-part book combines the insights of world experts on Microbicides with detailed a detailed inventory of Microbicide Data. The combination of the two parts in one book is unique, and has produced the most authoritative information in the field.

Microbicides For The Protection Of Materials

Microbicides for the Protection of Materials PDF
Author: W. Paulus
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401121184
Size: 58.48 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Technology & Engineering
Languages : en
Pages : 497
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This book is chiefly intended for those who are using microbicides for the protection of materials. Another purpose is to inform teachers and students working on biodeterioration and to show today's technical standard to those engaged in R&D activities in the microbicide field. When trying to classify, or to subclassify, material-protecting microbicides according to their mode of action, e.g. as membrane-active and electrophilic active ingredients, it turned out that a clear assignment was not always possible. For that reason the author has resorted to chemistry's principle of classifying according to groups of substances (e.g. alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, acids, esters, amides, etc.), thus providing the first necessary information about the micro bicides' properties. The description of the various groups of substances includes, whenever possible, an outline of the mode and mechanism of action of the active ingredients involved. The effective use of microbicides presupposes knowledge of their character istics. That is why the microbicides' chemico-physical properties, their toxicity, ecotoxicity, effectiveness, and effective spectrum are described in greater detail. As mentioned before, the characteristics of microbicides play an important role. They have to be suited to the intended application to avoid detrimental effects on the properties and the quality of the material to be protected; also production processes in which microbicides are used to avoid disturbances by microbial action must not be disturbed by the presence of those microbicides.

Kunststoff Additive Handbuch

Kunststoff Additive Handbuch PDF
Author: Ralph-Dieter Maier
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 3446432914
Size: 51.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Technology & Engineering
Languages : de
Pages : 1330
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Ohne Kunststoff-Additive keine Kunststoffe Additive schützen Kunststoffe vor Abbau durch Verarbeitungsprozesse, erleichtern ihre Verarbeitbarkeit, stabilisieren sie gegen thermischen oder UV-induzierten Abbau während des Gebrauchs und erweitern das Eigenschaftsspektrum durch die Modifikation von Materialeigenschaften. Einzigartige Kombination von wissenschaftlicher Tiefe, Aktualität und Anwendungsbezug Schwerpunktmäßg werden Additive für Polyolefine, PVC und technische Kunststoffe behandelt. Es finden sich jedoch auch ausführliche Informationen zur Stabilisierung von Elastomeren, Kautschuken, Hochleistungsthermoplasten und Duromeren. Konkurrenzlos: Das einzige umfassende Werk in deutscher Sprache Diese lang vermisste vierte, deutsche Auflage des historisch erfolgreichen Klassikers ist vollständig neu bearbeitet und liefert neueste Informationen zu allen technischen Entwicklungen. Eine unentbehrliche Grundlage für alle, die an der Entwicklung neuer Kunststoffe, der Verarbeitung von Kunststoffen, Blends und Composites, in der Produktentwicklung und vielen anderen Bereichen arbeiten.

Biodeterioration 7

Biodeterioration 7 PDF
Author: D. R. Houghton
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 940091363X
Size: 19.18 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Science
Languages : en
Pages : 850
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Because of the magnificent response to the call for papers for the 7th International Biodeterioration Symposium held at Cambridge, UK, some difficulties have been experienced in the editing of these proceedings. The numbers of papers submitted exceeded expectation and because of this it has been necessary to accommodate those not actually in the proceedings into the International Biodeterioration journal. A small number of papers were not suitable for publication and were therefore eliminated. Many authors disregarded the guidelines laid down for the length of submitted papers. However, every attempt has been made to accommodate the maximum number of contributions in the proceedings. The original selection included those which most nearly conformed to the length requirement. Even so this has meant, in many cases, cutting down the text, eliminating tables and/or illustrations and pruning the reference list. When references have been trimmed a note has been included to the effect that an extended list may be obtained from the author/senior author. Where it was not possible to carry out these procedures without seriously altering the text and the import of the paper they have been included amongst those to be published in the journal International Biodeterioration. The exceptions to the procedures outlined above are the invited review papers which have been presented in full. Happily, the authors have been conscientious in keeping to the guidelines laid down for these contributions.

Zinc Compounds Advances In Research And Application 2013 Edition

Zinc Compounds   Advances in Research and Application  2013 Edition PDF
Publisher: ScholarlyEditions
ISBN: 1481681265
Size: 25.36 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Science
Languages : en
Pages : 906
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Zinc Compounds—Advances in Research and Application: 2013 Edition is a ScholarlyBrief™ that delivers timely, authoritative, comprehensive, and specialized information about ZZZAdditional Research in a concise format. The editors have built Zinc Compounds—Advances in Research and Application: 2013 Edition on the vast information databases of ScholarlyNews.™ You can expect the information about ZZZAdditional Research in this book to be deeper than what you can access anywhere else, as well as consistently reliable, authoritative, informed, and relevant. The content of Zinc Compounds—Advances in Research and Application: 2013 Edition has been produced by the world’s leading scientists, engineers, analysts, research institutions, and companies. All of the content is from peer-reviewed sources, and all of it is written, assembled, and edited by the editors at ScholarlyEditions™ and available exclusively from us. You now have a source you can cite with authority, confidence, and credibility. More information is available at

Mikrobiologie Der K Hlschmierstoffe

Mikrobiologie der K  hlschmierstoffe PDF
Author: Thomas Koch
Publisher: expert verlag
ISBN: 3816981712
Size: 28.69 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Technology & Engineering
Languages : de
Pages : 89
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Das Buch vermittelt Ihnen die Grundlagen der Mikrobiologie von wassergemischten Kühlschmierstoffen und gibt Ihnen einen Überblick über die Historie der Kühlschmierstoffanwendung. Es wird auf aktuelle Fragestellungen in der Anwendung der wassergemischten Kühlschmierstoffe eingegangen, genauso wie auf die spezifische Mikrobiologie der Kühlschmierstoffe und der Biofilme in KSS-Anlagen. Welche chemisch-physikalischen Auswirkungen haben die mikrobiellen Belastungen auf den Kühlschmierstoff? Was müssen Hersteller und Anwender von Kühlschmierstoffen wissen? Welche Maßnahmen und Verfahren können zur Reduzierung mikrobieller Belastungen eingesetzt werden? Auf diese und ähnlich relevante Fragen über wassergemischte Kühlschmierstoffe gibt dieses Kompendium Antworten.

Pulp And Paper Industry

Pulp and Paper Industry PDF
Author: Pratima Bajpai
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0128034262
Size: 59.94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Science
Languages : en
Pages : 226
View: 3684

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Pulp and Paper Industry: Microbiological Issues in Papermaking features in-depth and thorough coverage of microbiological issues in papermaking and their consequences and the current state of the different alternatives for prevention, treatment and control of biofilm/slime considering the impact of the actual technological changes in papermaking on the control programmes. The microbial issues in paper mill systems, chemistry of deposits on paper machines, the strategies for deposit control and methods used for the analysis of biofouling are all dealt in this book along with various growth prevention methods. The traditional use of biocides is discussed taken into account the new environmental regulations regarding their use. Finally, discusses the trends regarding the future of the microbiological control in papermaking systems. In-depth coverage of microbiological issues in papermaking and their consequences Discusses eco-efficient processes (green processes) for biofilm/slime control Offers a thorough review of the current literature with links to the primary literature Comprehensive indexing Author is an authority in the pulp and paper industry

Laser Optofluidics In Fighting Multiple Drug Resistance

Laser Optofluidics in Fighting Multiple Drug Resistance PDF
Author: Mihail Lucian Pascu
Publisher: Bentham Science Publishers
ISBN: 1681084988
Size: 77.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Science
Languages : en
Pages : 500
View: 1797

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This monograph is a collection of reviews that presents results obtained from new and somewhat unconventional methods used to fight multiple drug resistance (MDR) acquired by microorganisms and tumours. Two directions are considered: (i) the modification of non-antibiotic medicines by exposure to un-coherent, or laser optical radiation to obtain photoproducts that receive bactericidal or, possibly, tumouricidal properties and (ii) the development of new vectors (micrometric droplets of solutions containing medicinal agents) to transport medicines to targets based on optical and micro spectroscopic methods. Chapters shed light on pendant droplets used for antibiotic drug delivery, the science of lasers and their interactions with fluids in pendant droplets and spectroscopic analyses of droplets used to treat MDR infections. It therefore equips researchers and medical professionals with information about tools that enable them to respond to medical emergencies in challenging environments. The intended readership for this monograph includes graduate students, medical doctors, fluid physicists, biologists, photochemists, and experts in drug delivery methods employed in extreme conditions (such as those found in outer space and hypergravity conditions) who are learning about using techniques such as laser spectroscopy, biophotonics and optofluidics/microfluidics.

The Science And Technology Of Industrial Water Treatment

The Science and Technology of Industrial Water Treatment PDF
Author: Zahid Amjad
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1420071459
Size: 26.23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Science
Languages : en
Pages : 530
View: 202

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Mineral scale deposits, corrosion, suspended matter, and microbiological growth are factors that must be controlled in industrial water systems. Research on understanding the mechanisms of these problems has attracted considerable attention in the past three decades as has progress concerning water treatment additives to ameliorate these concerns.

Neem A Treatise

Neem  a Treatise PDF
Author: K. K. Singh
Publisher: I. K. International Pvt Ltd
ISBN: 8189866001
Size: 14.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Neem
Languages : en
Pages : 546
View: 3613

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The present edited volume 'Neem - A Treatise' provides a comprehensive and authoritative account of this wonder tree - Neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss). An excellent reference text, it offers a versatile and indepth account of occurrence, distribution, ethnobotany, uses in agroforestry, silviculture and social forestry, cultivation and improvement of neem, propagation by tissue culture, chemical constituents and their bioactivity against micro-flora and micro-fauna, disease, stored grain insect-pests, enhancing fertilizer use efficiency, neem in health and cosmetics, various therapeutic uses such as malaria and vector control, contraceptive, ancient veterinary medicines, uses of neem bark in dying cotton fabrics and steps for promoting neem and its cultivation. Hopefully, this book will be very useful for researchers of various disciplines such as botany, forestry, chemistry, toxicology, agrochemicals, soil science, agronomy, entomology, plant pathology, medical and veterinary science and to the environmental conscious farmers of developed and developing countries. The present book includes 37 chapters broadly divided in 8 sections contributed by eminent scientists working on different aspects of neem. An attempt has been made to present as many aspects as possible under the sections given below:

Nanobiotechnology In Diagnosis Drug Delivery And Treatment

Nanobiotechnology in Diagnosis  Drug Delivery and Treatment PDF
Author: Mahendra Rai
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119671868
Size: 38.49 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Science
Languages : en
Pages : 416
View: 7222

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Presents nanobiotechnology in drug delivery and disease management Featuring contributions from noted experts in the field, this book highlights recent advances in the nano-based drug delivery systems. It also covers the diagnosis and role of various nanomaterials in the management of infectious diseases and non-infectious disorders, such as cancers and other malignancies and their role in future medicine. Nanobiotechnology in Diagnosis, Drug Delivery and Treatment starts by introducing how nanotechnology has revolutionized drug delivery, diagnosis, and treatments of diseases. It then focuses on the role of various nanocomposites in diagnosis, drug delivery, and treatment of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and many others. Next, it discusses the application of a variety of nanomaterials in the diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal tract disorders. The book explains the concept of nanotheranostics in detail and its role in effective monitoring of drug response, targeted drug delivery, enhanced drug accumulation in the target tissues, sustained as well as triggered release of drugs, and reduction in adverse effects. Other chapters cover aptamer-incorporated nanoparticle systems; magnetic nanoparticles; theranostics and vaccines; toxicological concerns of nanomaterials used in nanomedicine; and more. Provides a concise overview of state-of-the-art nanomaterials and their application like drug delivery in infectious diseases and non-infectious disorders Highlights recent advances in the nano-based drug delivery systems and role of various nanomaterials Introduces nano-based sensors which detect various pathogens Covers the use of nanodevices in diagnostics and theranostics Nanobiotechnology in Diagnosis, Drug Delivery and Treatment is an ideal book for researchers and scientists working in various disciplines such as microbiology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, and nanomedicine.

Bioextraction And Biodeterioration Of Metals

Bioextraction and Biodeterioration of Metals PDF
Author: Christine C. Gaylarde
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521417570
Size: 27.11 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Medical
Languages : en
Pages : 372
View: 4964

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The research in metal-microbe interactions is reviewed, for researchers and engineers.