Hand Secrets

Hand Secrets PDF
Author: Peter J. L. Jebson, MD
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9781560536239
Size: 44.36 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Medical
Languages : en
Pages : 384
View: 7631

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The Secrets Series® is breaking new ground again. This volume in the very popular Secrets Series® is back in an exciting, updated, and completely redesigned 3rd Edition. A new, two-color page layout, a more portable size, and a list of the "Top 100 Secrets" in hand surgery help readers to better meet the challenges they face today. Readers will still find all of the features they rely on the Secret Series® for-a question- and -answer format, lists, mnemonics, tables, and an informal tone that make reference fast and easy. No matter what questions arise, in practice or while preparing for the hand surgery boards, this 3rd Edition has the answers-in print and online. Uses bulleted lists, tables, short answers, and a highly detailed index to expedite reference. Features pearls, tips, memory aids, and "secrets" from the experts. Covers all of today's most common conditions and their treatment. Presents a list of the "Top 100 Secrets" to keep in mind during residency and practice. Features a new, more compact trim size (5 1/4" x 8 1/2") for enhanced portability. Makes information easier to find with a new, two-color page layout and "Key Points" boxes. Identifies useful websites to facilitate obtaining additional information on a specific topic, and provides live links in online version.

The Secrets Of Gaining The Upper Hand In High Performance Negotiations

The Secrets of Gaining the Upper Hand in High Performance Negotiations PDF
Author: Manon Schonewille
Publisher: Maklu
ISBN: 9046604047
Size: 13.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : en
Pages : 132
View: 6771

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Although negotiations are an ever-present part of our everyday lives, many of us know little as to why we sometimes get our way, while on other occasions we walk away feeling frustrated that we did not reach the desired agreement or we may have left too much value on the table. Knowing how to gain the upper hand to get what is necessary from a negotiation is particularly important when the stakes are high, especially in a situation where a negotiator feels the options and choices are limited yet something must be achieved. A negotiation can cause a lot of stress, making the stakes even higher and the negotiation dynamics more difficult to manage. New communication technologies play an increasingly important role in day-to-day negotiations. It is important to be aware of these situations in order to know what works (and what does not work) and how to maximize the outcome in such negotiation situations. The contributions in this book - as well as the exclusive interview with Chris Voss, an international business negotiator - capture the key concepts and the most important learning points on how to gain the upper hand in high stake negotiations. The book deals in a concise way with proven tools, such as recognizing escalation mechanisms and the techniques on how to de-escalate or deal with emotions. Readers will gain access to crucial insights from professionals, like the FBI or US army negotiators, who are experienced in negotiating under extreme pressure in situations where lives are literally on the line. The book covers newer developments, such as involving a deal facilitator and conducting e-negotiations. The book also includes an example of role-playing a negotiation in a conflict situation, where the stakes are high and a lot of emotions are present on both sides of the table.

The Secret Of The Scarlet Hand

The Secret of the Scarlet Hand PDF
Author: Carolyn Keene
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1442485620
Size: 20.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Juvenile Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 160
View: 1074

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Visiting the nation’s capital for a sightseeing vacation, Nancy is alarmed when a priceless Mayan artifact disappears from the Beech Hill museum and finds her only clue in a strange note containing a red handprint.

Cheiro Reading The Secret Language Of The Hand

Cheiro  Reading the Secret Language of the Hand PDF
Author: Count Louis Hamon 'Cheiro'
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
ISBN: 812220676X
Size: 37.54 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
Languages : en
Pages : 140
View: 3502

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Cheiro remains one of the most widely respected and studied figures in the world of futurology. His predictions were astounding and his accuracy amazing. For instance, no one believed his prediction that Prince of Wales would one day become King Edward VII of England and would die in his 69th year, yet history proved him right. The genius of Cheiro was startling to others as well. He told one Mrs. Leiter that her daughter would marry a man who would rule a country in the East; she married the Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon. Even sceptical Mark Twain was surprised with Cheiro’s readings. He visited the palmist incognito; the former did not know who the visitor was. Reading his hands Cheiro predicted that he would become a famous writer, and that his real name started with S; the author’s real name was Samuel S Clemens. Wrote Mark Twain after the visit, “Cheiro has exposed my character to me with humiliating accuracy. I thought that I would say nothing about his penetrating genius, but in the end I had to accept it.” He warned Oscar Wilde of his future disgrace; told Lord Russel that he would become the Chief Justice of England three years before he did so. Reading the palm of William Pirrie, chairman of Harland and Wolf, builders of the Titanic he predicted a major crisis with the ship. In this book the author shares his life experiences on how and where he learned Palmistry and his experiences of reading hands in England, America and Europe.

How To Find Your Perfect Match Using The Secret Of Hand Shapes

How to Find Your Perfect Match  Using the Secret of Hand Shapes PDF
Author: Marion Gale
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1304278328
Size: 30.59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Family & Relationships
Languages : en
Pages :
View: 2580

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This is a whole new way to look at men. Take the guesswork out of finding your perfect match. Use this simple system to narrow down the field. You’ll be amazed by the insight you will gain.

The Secret World Government Or The Hidden Hand

The Secret World Government Or  The Hidden Hand  PDF
Author: Count Cherep-Spiridovich
Publisher: Book Tree
ISBN: 9781585090938
Size: 78.24 MB
Format: PDF
Category : History
Languages : en
Pages : 203
View: 3199

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This book rants against Freemasonry, Satan, international banks, Napoleon and more. It makes a series of unsubstantiated claims against Jews and possibly substantiated ones against the Rothschilds of his time. If one can put the authors personal biases aside, there remains some good historical information about government, religion, world power and money. The publishers do not agree with the authors biased opinions, but wish to make the remaining facts available to those interested. Conspiracy buffs will enjoy it immensely. The book, in its entirety, should not be taken at face valuethe truth that exists within it must be carefully extracted.

Secrets Of The Adversarial Interview

Secrets of the Adversarial Interview PDF
Author: Ron Niccum
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 0557142636
Size: 72.21 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category :
Languages : en
Pages : 652
View: 7186

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Techniques, technologies, and applications - the arts and sciences of interrogating criminal suspects, their victims, and the witnesses to their crimes. Sounds exciting, don’t it? ad–ver–saŕ–ial!“Oooooh,†kindâ€a gets you all tingly. Wow! And doesn’t it just set you to thinking about gladiators locked in the deadly dance of hand-to-hand combat? Secrets takes you through the entire process of interrogation from start to finish; BUT, if you were expecting â€waterboarding†and other inefficient methods of torture – FORGET IT! The Adversarial Interview not only works but it’s legal!

Hand Secrets

Hand Secrets PDF
Author: Peter J. L. Jebson
ISBN: 9781560532217
Size: 15.50 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Hand
Languages : en
Pages : 268
View: 2961

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Dirty Secrets Of The Black Hand

Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand PDF
Author: Steve Brown
Publisher: White Wolf Pub
Size: 21.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 127
View: 2184

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What are we? The Damned childer of caine? The grotesque lords of humanity? The pitiful wretches of eternal hell? We are vampires, and that is enough. I am a vampire, and that is far more than enough. I am that which must be feared, worshipped and adored. The world is mine -- now and forever. No one holds command over me. No man. No god. No prince. What is a claim of age for ones who are immortal? What is a claim of power for ones who defy death? Call your damnable hunt. We shall see whom I drag screaming to hell with me. Secret rules and powers for this hidden sect.

The Secret Of Secrets

The Secret of Secrets PDF
Author: Osho,
Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers
ISBN: 1786781271
Size: 30.86 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
Languages : en
Pages : 704
View: 6184

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In this unique series of discourses Osho unravels the ancient text, The Secret of the Golden Flowers, which he describes as a synthesis of all the great religions - the essence of Taoism. More than 2,500 years old, this remarkable text continues to be as relevant today as it was to its contemporaries. Osho interprets it as the core of all religions and spiritual paths - a stripped-back ideal where spiritual seekers around the world are placing themselves now. The Secret of the Golden Flower belongs to no one in particular - it belongs to us all. The Secrets of Secrets is a timeless collection of Osho's talks on The Secret of the Golden Flower. Osho demystifies all the important terms used by the Chinese mystic Lu Tsu, and shares his meditation exercises. He also outlines the qualities of animus and anima - our male and female energies - as delineated by Lu Tsu, and explains the importance of their relationships inside each of us. The book includes many valuable techniques and gives specific instructions on the Taoist Golden light meditation - to harmonize the male and female elements and transmute sexual energy.

The Secret Energy Of Your Body

The Secret Energy of Your Body PDF
Author: Dr. Irina Webster
Publisher: Australian Self Publishing Group
ISBN: 1925152979
Size: 64.99 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Health & Fitness
Languages : en
Pages : 238
View: 7080

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In this book Dr Irina Webster reveals that energy is the root of body and mind. We all consist of and surround by an energy field. When energy flows through the body properly, you are in a state of health. When there is an energetic disturbance in the body, a disease state is created. Illnesses manifest in the body’s energy field before they manifest in the physical body. And healing occurs in the energy field before it becomes apparent in the physical body. So, how can we heal ourselves and our life? You’ll get the answers reading “The Secret Energy of Your Body. An Intuitive Guide to Healing, Health and Wellness.” Dr Irina Webster is a medical doctor who is also an intuitive healer. She is the creator of Intuitive Healing Power – an educational program for health professionals and caregivers in regards to intuitive healing and medical intuition. Her on-line classes and seminars “How to Become an Intuitive Healer” are very popular amongst the health oriented community. Dr Irina’s teaching helps people to activate their own Intuitive Healing Power. Dr Irina dedicates herself to assisting others to heal and empower their body and soul.

The Third Secret The Chapman Files Book 3

The Third Secret  The Chapman Files  Book 3  PDF
Author: Tara Taylor Quinn
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 1408956144
Size: 77.74 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 260
View: 3310

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Rick Thomas stole drug-cartel evidence from a government facility. And spent three years in a federal prison.

Trap Shooting Secrets

Trap Shooting Secrets PDF
Author: James Russell
Publisher: James Russell Publishing
ISBN: 0916367096
Size: 68.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Sports & Recreation
Languages : en
Pages : 188
View: 2406

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Trap Shooting Secrets takes you into the world where professionals reside. With over 132 practice tips and more than 100 illustrations it's like having a shooting coach by your side. This huge 182 page 8x11 size technical book teaches techniques of professional trap shooting; singles, handicap and double trap. Endorsed by professional shooters and ranks #1 by trap shooting magazines worldwide!

The Highlights Big Book Of Science Secrets

The Highlights Big Book of Science Secrets PDF
Author: Lisa Feder-Feitel
Publisher: Highlights
ISBN: 9781563976513
Size: 49.11 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
Languages : en
Pages : 144
View: 2590

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Engaging science experiments, puzzles, and projects relating to a broad range of topics including food, weather, water, senses, and light.

Magnus Fin And The Selkie Secret

Magnus Fin and the Selkie Secret PDF
Author: Janis Mackay
Publisher: Floris Books
ISBN: 0863158927
Size: 27.68 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Juvenile Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 208
View: 1997

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On his eleventh birthday, schoolboy Magnus Fin found out that he is half selkie – part human, part seal. Although he looks like a boy and lives on land, he can breathe underwater. When a rusty metal chest is flung ashore in a storm, Magnus Fin decides to investigate. But he injures his hand on the strange box, and his sealskin starts to show through. His teacher realises that there's something very unusual about Magnus Fin -- and rumours start to spread. Deep in the ocean, the great sea god Neptune has problems of his own. The treasures of wisdom have been stolen, and his memory and powers are fading fast. Could his missing treasure be inside the chest that's been washed ashore? Magnus Fin is the only one who can find out and restore order under the sea. But a young journalist is investigating the rumours about 'fish people'. Can Magnus Fin complete his mission before the selkie secret is revealed and his selkie family are forced to leave the bay forever? Janis Mackay also wrote the Kelpies Prize-winning Magnus Fin and the Ocean Quest, and Magnus Fin and the Moonlight Mission. This is the third book in the series.